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TruckerCloud recently launched Instant Carrier Onboarding (patent-pending), so brokers/3PLs, shippers, and factors can onboard carriers in a matter of minutes.

Tractor trailer on an icy road

The winter holidays may be months away, but it’s never too early to reduce the types of particular risks that the holiday season brings, including increased fraud.

Identical trucks

Have you been a victim of double brokering? With tight capacity and carriers calling the shots these days, we’re hearing that double brokering is happening more often. Short pay situations are painful. But they can be prevented.


Most pizza delivery companies have a pizza tracker on their website where you can see where your $10 pizza is. Yet, it can be difficult to track a load that may be worth thousands!

A fleet of many semi trucks

Factoring companies need to know how big their clients’ fleets are, at the beginning of a partnership and on an ongoing basis. Here’s how to do it.

Check calls are a pain. They take a lot of your staff’s time and sometimes the information gathered isn’t always accurate. There is a better way.

The truck's broken down and they want an overadvance

Factoring companies, has this happened to you? You get a call from a client who says their truck is broken down and they need a quick overadvance for repairs.

Do You Really Know Where Your Trucks Are?

Knowing where your carriers are is tricky. You could spend a lot of time making check calls, which may or may not give you accurate information.

Fund fuel advances confidently

Funding fuel advances is risky if you can’t confirm that the carrier is at the pickup location. With TruckerCloud, you can use the truck’s own ELD data to verify that the driver is at the pickup location.

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