Founded in 2004, TruckerCloud has been a pioneer in trucking solutions and supply chain management.  Our mission is to connect Transportation Logistics professionals and organizations to make them more productive and successful. Our deep history in Transportation and an expansive network of contacts makes us the go-to place for all things trucking related.  We bring the best offerings that are applicable to your needs whether you are a driver, carrier, broker, shipper and owner/operator.

TruckerCloud plays an important role in the transportation industry holding a board member position in the Logistics and Transportation Association of North America (LTNA), which is the umbrella organization for 50+ regional transportation clubs and associations across the Continental US, Canada and Mexico. TruckerCloud is also an active member in BiTA (Block chain in Transportation Alliance) and is playing a key role in standardizing data gathered through ELDs and related Telematics devices.

Our team has combined over 20 years of experience and with our technology visionaries and our ambitious team, TruckerCloud is at the forefront of innovation by providing digital and technologically advanced solutions to issues of the trucking industry.

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