Driver discounts for TruckerCloud & Motel 6 customers

You have followed along with our awesome team, and now we want you to meet our amazing partners! TruckerCloud prides itself in bridging the gap between vendors and end-users, in order to do so we have to excel in partnerships, and we do! We of course focus on partners who can help to excel in the transportation industry and who have a similar mission statement to our own.

Over the past 6 months we have acquired a host of awesome vendors who equip us with the ability to bring you all of the different product offerings you see on our websites today. To start off this series, we would like to introduce you to one of our partners involved with our latest concept, Motel 6.

Motel 6 will be joining our transportation marketplace and offering a 10% discount to truckergig users! Their vast footprint across the United States, makes them the perfect lodging partner for the transportation industry. They have over 1400 locations nationwide and will always “leave the light on for you”. With over 1400 locations nationwide, drivers and guests can find a Motel 6 along most any route they travel, making it a great fit for the transportation industry.  Their properties can accommodate truck parking, offer low-cost rooms, friendly staff, free morning coffee and wi-fi, you can’t beat that! The best part is, the discount is for all truckergig users and their furry friends too, not just drivers.

Now that you’ve learned about what they do, here is a look into why were partners. “Motel 6 is proud to partner with TruckerCloud on their new marketplace,   “We’re ‘Leaving the Light On’ for drivers and users nationwide. The Motel 6 team is ready to offer a winning combination of great rooms at special rates.  “We look forward to welcoming all guests of whether traveling on business, on the road to visit friends or family or anywhere your travels take you , said David Nix, VP, National Sales for G6 Hospitality. “TruckerCloud looks for partners that are both scalable and customer-focused like our organization and we feel that Motel 6 is the perfect embodiment of that in a lodging company.” Asir Justifus, CEO, TruckerCloud Solutions.

It’s easy to take advantage of the partnership – book your reservation right here online.

At Motel 6 you’ll save more for what you travel for and find clean, comfortable rooms in your budget. We’ll leave the light on for you. ®

Stay tuned to meet more of our partners!

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