Factors: your debtors get too many verification calls

Verification calls are necessary so factors like you can reduce risk. But sometimes debtors may feel as if they’re being bombarded with calls, which is never a good thing. Debtors may then stop answering the calls, using up more of the factor’s time than necessary to complete the task. And we all know…when debtors complain to the factor’s customer, it’s not a good look.

Now you can fund with confidence without pestering debtors or annoying your client. TruckerCloud aggregates ELD data from trucks within your client’s fleet, helping automate a majority of the verifications process. Factors can choose to view location data (real time or retroactive) in our platform, or it can be integrated into your factoring software so it’s all in one place.

Now you can quickly and easily verify every load, reducing overhead costs, hassles, and risks. Fill out the form below to find out more.

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