Instantly Onboard Any Carrier and View Truck Location in Minutes

The biggest challenge in ELD-based freight tracking has traditionally been onboarding carriers. It has been a slow, cumbersome process. TruckerCloud recently launched Instant Carrier Onboarding (patent-pending), which allows brokers/3PLs, shippers, and factors to onboard carriers in a matter of minutes. So these customers can now have visibility into all of their loads.

Using ELD data to view location data is more accurate than relying on mobile app tracking, since the driver’s cell phone could be personal property, and the phone may not physically be with the freight. If the app is pinging a cell phone tower every few minutes, it can also be costly. ELD-based freight visibility is not only more exact, but it’s typically also much more cost-effective.

Easily authenticate and authorize ELD data!

For brokers utilizing spot market carriers, they can now benefit from accurate, real-time freight visibility, even for carriers they may use only one time. Factoring companies can stop making verification calls, which are time-consuming and not always factual.

For carriers new to the TruckerCloud platform, an email will be sent to them asking them to simply choose their ELD from a menu and add their credentials. The connection is instantly verified; truck location data is visible to their customers within minutes. For carriers already in the TruckerCloud ecosystem, they can quickly approve or decline new relationship requests within their account using their existing ELD credentials.

Onboard your carriers instantly!

Contact us to learn more about how TruckerCloud’s instant carrier onboarding can allow you to have real-time visibility for all your loads in minutes.