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Screen shot of TruckerCloud's new instant carrier onboarding feature

With TruckerCloud’s new, patent-pending technology, carriers can be onboarded instantly. It’s so fast that shippers, brokers and 3PLs can use TruckerCloud’s freight visibility for the spot market, so 100% of their loads can be tracked. Factors can also confirm pickup and dropoff locations of all trucks prior to purchasing invoices.

TruckerCloud has partnered with and received an investment from Rule 1 Ventures. Spencer Mitchell has been named CEO.

Rule 1 Ventures, a venture studio, has co-created a number of startups in the transportation space, including TruckerCloud.

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With demand for capacity currently in carriers’ favor, 3PLs are having to compete to secure carriers for their loads. Since carriers are calling the shots, brokers’ margins are being squeezed and their risks are increasing. Fortunately, there are six ways 3PLs can leverage technology to retain their margins and reduce risks.

TruckerCloud's 7-Minute Rapid Fire Demo Video

A video of TruckerCloud’s 7-minute “Rapid-Fire Demo” for FreightWaves LIVE @HOME is now available on demand to the public.

TruckerCloud announced today that it will be attending and exhibiting at the 2021 Factoring Conference. TruckerCloud will be jointly appearing with its sister company FactorCloud, a factoring software platform.

TruckerCloud is integrated into FactorCloud

FactorCloud factoring software today announced that it has integrated TruckerCloud’s freight visibility data into its platform. ELD-based data pinpointing trucks’ exact location is now available within FactorCloud. Prior to purchasing an invoice from a transportation client, FactorCloud customers can now verify that a load was picked up and delivered at the correct locations and specified timeframes.

TruckerCloud’s CEO, Sam Powers, will be speaking at FreightWaves’ upcoming virtual 3PL Summit on March 24 about “How Smaller 3PLs Can Use Technology to Compete.”

One Network Enterprises, a global provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, and TruckerCloud, a pioneer in trucking solutions and supply chain management, today announced the availability of a new joint TMS platform solution which enables One Network customers to gain unprecedented real-time visibility into their entire supply chain.

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