Rapid-Fire Video Demo of TruckerCloud Available

Sam Powers, CEO of TruckerCloud, provided a 7-minute “Rapid-Fire Demo” for the recent FreightWaves LIVE @HOME conference. A video of the demo is now available on demand to the public.

Viewers will hear how to increase efficiencies, lower overhead expenses, mitigate fraud & risk, and leverage data to help navigate inevitable disputes such as detention charges. TruckerCloud’s ELD-based data allows customers to view the truck before it leaves the pickup location, they can watch it move on a map live during its journey, or they can view its breadcrumb trail after the fact. The demo also shows how quick and easy it is to onboard carriers.

TruckerCloud’s 7-minute “Rapid-Fire Demo” is available here: https://tv.freightwaves.com/videos/home-demo-truckercloud-v1

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