The Transportation Club of Atlanta (TCA) Endorses TruckerCloud’s ELD Marketplace

Atlanta, GA (September 30, 2017) – Tranzlogix announced today that its ELD Marketplace has been endorsed by the Transportation Club of Atlanta (TCA).

“The launch of the Tranzlogix ELD Marketplace, providing a self-serve integrated platform offering flexible services and single-source billing and support, illustrates Tranzlogix has a clear understanding of today’s transportation industry needs and a strategic vision and technical expertise to implement future innovation. The TCA endorses this product offering as it assists our carrier members with options to comply with the upcoming mandate,” said Conway Amar, President of TCA.

“The ELD Marketplace is a one stop shop for Electronic Logging Devices and other ELD accessories. These include ELD devices, GPS Tracking devices, Trailer Tracking devices and accessories needed to display information, such as tablets and mounting devices. We are a vendor- and product-agnostic company that aims to increase visibility and ensure that end users have access to and knowledge of which products are available on the market. We also focus on customer service and technical support to make each new purchase process as seamless as possible,” said Asir Justifus, CEO of Tranzlogix.

About Tranzlogix

Tranzlogix is a pioneer in trucking solutions and supply chain management. A technology innovator, Tranzlogix’s cloud-based platform provides unprecedented, real-time freight visibility software to shippers, carriers, brokers, and others in the trucking and transportation industries using a flexible ELD- and API-based visibility gateway. The patent-pending digital, permission-based carrier onboarding capability makes it simple to add new carriers and brokers. The system is already integrated with over 70 ELDs, which covers 80% of carriers in the market. Tranzlogix is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit


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