Transportation factors: It’s never too early to take the risk out of the holidays

The winter holidays may be months away, but it’s never too early to reduce the types of particular risks that the holiday season brings.

Many factoring companies have lived through this in previous years. Holiday season is more hectic than other times already, with retail sales booming and online orders being shipped. So factors’ workloads are even busier than usual and it’s hard to get to verification calls.

At the same time, some carriers may find themselves short on cash. They want to provide a memorable holiday experience for their families too. Unfortunately, this can result in an increase in fraud in some cases.

TruckerCloud can help factoring companies mitigate fraud and risk, in the months leading up to the holidays as well as all year round. Our ELD-based freight visibility solution allows factors to view accurate location data (in real time or retroactively) in our platform, or it can be integrated into factoring software so it’s all in one place.

Now factors can verify every load automatically, saving time, lowering overhead expenses, and reducing fraud. Fill out the form below to find out more.

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