TruckerCloud Launches Instant Carrier Onboarding

New functionality allows shippers, brokers & 3PLs to use TruckerCloud’s real-time freight visibility software platform for the spot market

Atlanta, GA (November 10, 2021) – TruckerCloud, a real-time freight visibility software platform, announced it has launched Instant Carrier Onboarding.

With most freight visibility platforms, it can take up to 24-48 hours or more to onboard each carrier. With TruckerCloud’s new, patent-pending technology, carriers can be onboarded instantly. It’s so fast that shippers, brokers and 3PLs can use TruckerCloud’s freight visibility for the spot market, so 100% of their loads can be tracked.

“Setting up a new carrier to track their trucks has traditionally been a challenge,” said Spencer Mitchell, CEO of TruckerCloud. “Transportation folks have had to choose between two freight visibility options that weren’t ideal. They could quickly set up mobile app tracking, which is imperfect (the driver’s phone could be personal property and may not physically be with the truckload) and can be costly (if the app is pinging a cell tower every few minutes). Or they could use an ELD-based system, which is more accurate, but carrier onboarding is typically time-consuming and a hassle.”

Spencer continued, “Now, shippers, brokers and 3PLs can get the best of all worlds. TruckerCloud’s new functionality allows carriers to be onboarded instantly. It’s cost-effective, and uses accurate, ELD-based data. We’ve heard from our customers that they’re loving using TruckerCloud to view all their loads, even when they use spot market carriers.”

“This new patent-pending technology helps onboard carriers outside of our network instantly through automation,” stated TruckerCloud’s CTO Jay Duraisamy. “The unique implementation enables our customers and partners to invite and onboard carriers in the app or via API much more quickly than before.”

Jay continued, “With faster carrier onboarding, we anticipate receiving billions of location data points from ELD integrations over a period of time. A scalable NoSQL big data architecture replaces the traditional, relational database. This architectural change is key to provide sub-second performance for a breadcrumb trail lookup, both in real-time and retroactively.”

For carriers new to the TruckerCloud platform, an email will be sent to them asking them to simply choose their ELD from a menu and add their credentials. The connection is instantly verified; truck location data is visible to their customers within minutes. For carriers already in the TruckerCloud ecosystem, they can quickly approve or decline new relationship requests within their account using their existing ELD credentials.

About TruckerCloud

TruckerCloud is a freight visibility platform for shippers, brokers, carriers, and factors. Now you can view your trucks live or retroactively with our breadcrumb trail. Our single platform unifies ELD, TMS and 3PL data, so you’ll have real-time visibility into your freight’s location. Eliminate check calls, reduce detention charges, and delight customers with advance delivery alerts. Reduce risk, fraud, and incidences of double brokering. Instantly onboard the entire fleet, and pay-as-you-go. More information about the Atlanta, GA-based company can be found at


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