TruckerCloud takes Mercedes Benz Stadium

This past Sunday our team had it’s very first team outing. We all geared up in our red and black and rode downtown to Mercedes Benz Stadium to support the Atlanta Falcons. The energy was high and we were all excited to see the Falcons crush the saints! For some of our team members it was their first experience at a football game and others, their first time at Mercedes Benz Stadium, so we were determined to make it the best experience possible.

Upon arriving we were in awe of how vast the stadium is and how loyal and enthusiastic the Falcons supporters are. Our team became immediately engulfed in a sea of black and red and we found ourselves fitting right in. The suite was filled with friends, family, food, Falcon’s fans, and believe it or not one lone Saints fan! Between screaming at the top of our lungs when the Falcons scored or the Saints messed up, laughing, eating, and great conversation, there were great bonds formed. The team got to know each other on a more social level and make lasting memories. We look forward to our next company outing and possibly visiting Mercedes Benz Stadium again!

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