Turnkey Telematics Data Platform for Commercial Auto Insurance

The leading telematics platform for commercial auto insurance

TruckerCloud is integrated with 95% of commercial trucking Telematics Service Providers to allow you to establish a turnkey telematics program in no time.

Get Turnkey Telematics

In less than a month leveraging 40+ ELD and Camera connections.

Onboard Fleets Instantly

Instant Fleet Onboarding allows you to onboard carriers across more than 40 ELD and Camera Platforms.

Quantify Risk

Utilize scoring and behavioral analysis for underwriting, risk management, loss control, and more.

Access Data at Scale

Access billions of data points from location, asset data, harsh events, mileage, and much more.

All your telematics data in one platform.

We’ve done the heavy lifting. By utilizing TruckerCloud’s Telematics Data Platform for commercial auto insurance, you can stand up a turnkey telematics program with 40+ TSPs and ensure your data is accurate and your program is streamlined.

Heartbeat Monitor

Live dashboard view with active and inactive assets.

Realtime Connectivity

Live dashboard view with active and inactive assets.

VIN Reporting

Identify scheduled and unscheduled VINs.

Mileage Reporter

Track mileage automatically by geographic zone.

Avoid Premium Leakage

Validate rated miles and zones using actual driving data.

Automatic Tracking

Continuous mileage tracking by VIN and Fleet over time to streamline efficiency on reporting policies.

First Notice of Loss

Crash alerts within 10 minutes of an accident based on ELD and Camera footage.

Rapid Response

Near real time data allows you to get your team on-scene while it's still active.

Understand Crash Patterns

Surface objective crash details to support the claims process.

Behavioral Analytics

Get a detailed view into driver behavior to mitigate risk.

Risk Selection

Access pre-policy driving data to enrich initial underwriting.

Accurate Rating

Use driving data to determine more accurate and fair premiums.

Risk Mitigation and Coaching

Identify highest risk units so that you can target risk control programs to those that need it most.

Real Time Location

Live map displaying location of assets at all times.

Radius of Operations

Map to view current geographical distribution of assets.

Possible Inclement Weather Exposure

Keep track of assets on the road so your team can understand possible exposure to hazardous weather.


Integrations with 40+ ELDs and Cameras

And Camera Platforms covering 95% of TSP providers.

Instant Carrier Onboarding

Onboard carrier’s in seconds utilizing ELD-based data, through our automated process.


To link to policy management and reporting platforms.

Data at the level you need for analytics

Access live and historical data for risk analytics and monitoring throughout the policy.

We provide data at each level of the enrichment and analytics process.









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To review your use case and get a test-drive of our front-end platform.

Gain API Access

So you can plug straight into your existing tools, and start leveraging your data in no-time.

Connect and Thrive

Connect your app in a matter of hours, and utilize new-found insights to grow your business.


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