Why freight visibility?

Reduce risk

Ensure that carriers who are submitting invoices are in fact moving these loads.

Faster fuel advances

View truck location in real time to help your team fund faster.

Reduce verification calls

 Reduce verification calls to brokers by confirming truck movements from pickup to drop-off.

Make customers &

carriers happier

Reduce check calls to carriers and their customers, improving carrier satisfaction.

Automate freight audits

Go from 25% to 80% verified

Go from 25% verified to 80% verified). Integrate with your verification software to include location tracking and automate freight audits.

Improve profitability

Automating manual processes like check calls and location audits help maximize the efficiency of your team.

Verify fleet size

Quickly verify carrier fleet size when they onboard their ELD.

Reduce risk of double brokering

Match invoices to carrier movement and decrease your exposure to double brokering.

Why TruckerCloud?

Low cost confidence & insurance

An added protection against preventing and mitigating fraud.

Onboard carriers quickly

Instant Carrier Onboarding allows carriers to self-onboard and share data with brokers and 3PLs in a matter of minutes.


Most accurate & low risk

TruckerCloud is integrated with market leading ELDs to provide hardwired visibility between carriers and factors.

No long term contracts & minimums

Month-to-month contracts and flexibility for your operations.

API for factoring software integration

APIs available for you to integrate with your factoring software or verification engine.

Historical & retroactive

real-time visibility

Track in real time or trace back to view historical pickup and drop-off times.

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