Freight Tech Partners

Resellers & users that add TruckerCloud to their platforms

The first white-labeled native visibility platform

Build your network of carriers that are familiar with your brand with white-labeled solution.

API-driven workflow that

easily integrates

Easily integrate TruckerCloud’s suite of APIs to reduce manual data imports and exports.

Provide visibility right in the application & platform

Quickly stand up real-time visibility in your freight-tech business.

Collaborative development team

TruckerCloud’s nurtures collaboration with tech partners to create the best solution for your customers and carriers.

ELD driven & based

ELD-based visibility provides more reliable data. No need to wait on cell-phone invitation acceptance. No risk of disconnecting location services.

Instant Carrier Onboarding

Patent-pending Instant Carrier Onboarding allows carriers to self-onboard and share data with your business in a matter of minutes

Win on price – best visibility pricing in the market.

Win on price

Best visibility pricing in the market.

No long-term contracts

Month-to-month contracts and flexibility for your operations.

Historical & retroactive

real-time visibility

View real-time or historical data on loads and carriers in your network.

Collaborative business model

Create new revenue streams for your freight-tech business.

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