Why ELD Data is the Key to Sustainable Transportation

There's negative connotation attached to data sharing. However, a streamlined, all-in-one data sharing platform is the key to sustainable transportation for the trucking industry. Read this latest blog to learn why.

The transportation sector is an integral part of our economy, with the majority of existing industries depending on them, including day-to-day operations. According to Market Insider, 71% of goods transported in the United States are moved by truckers. And the pandemic has only made this number increase due to the growth of online purchases.

Even though the trucking industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year, accounting for 5% of America’s GDP, the supply chain process discourages contributing industries from optimizing efficiency for their carriers through innovation.

One solution that’s paving the path for tech-enabled efficiencies is TruckerCloud’s one-stop-shop integration for unifying data from leading electronic logging devices (ELDs). According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), there are over 400 ELD providers in North America.

“There isn’t a solution that is doing what we’re doing at TruckerCloud, allowing carriers to share the in-depth data needed to create efficiencies for them with their service and technology providers,” said Spencer Mitchell, CEO, TruckerCloud. “We’re not trying to introduce a competing product into the transportation market. We’re bringing everyone in the transportation data market together to better service our carriers.” 

ELDs and other tracking devices collect valuable information for fleets, including location, hours of service, asset, temperature data, and more. Carriers will often integrate the different types of valuable data with their technology providers to create efficiencies and gain discounts on programs. Yet, in order for these providers to best serve their carriers, they must be integrated with every single ELD the carriers are on.

The modern landscape of integrating with multiple devices to get the info the carriers need isn’t sustainable, especially when the trucking industry is projected to continually grow each year. Instead, an offering that provides a centralized location for tech providers to integrate with all ELD’s at once could help the entire industry increase efficiency and add value back into the supply chain.

“From a security and sharing perspective, my goal is for TruckerCloud to be recognized as an honest broker of data in this industry,” said Spencer. “When we pull data for ELDs, we only do it for the purposes that the carriers enable, and they can change their mind at any time. We just want to give them the freedom to choose the applications and services they want to connect with and help them get the most competitive pricing.” 

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